The "team pibyte" was founded in September 2000
by Johannes Schiehsl and Conrad Tambour, located in Vienna, Austria.

Our first project was "Professor Brösl", a 2d-point-and-click-adventure. Conrad Tambour was responsible for the character design and Johannes Schiehsl programmed the engine and created the background graphics and most of the animations. Peter Strobl wrote the incredible soundtrack for the game.

In 2001 the demoversion of the game was nominated for the Golden Nica at the Prix Ars Electronica and was presented on television.
Since its release on June 12th 2002, "Professor Brösl" was published by several PC-magazines in Europe so that about a million CDs packed with our freeware product on, was distributed in 12 european countries and was downloaded nearly 800.000 times all over the world.

In the meanwhile we started up with some other projects like the music-education-software "DaCapo Interactive" for Echo and Universal Music and some web projects like HGD.at and Schwarz-Ottom.com.

In Fall 2002 we started our first 3d-animated shortfilm for our final examination at the Higher Graphic Design School in Vienna.

We finished our first film "Finitio" after eight months of work in May 2003. A few weeks afterwards
we started our work on a architecture design project in the "Austrian House of Economy", which took us two months of work.

In November 2003 "Finitio" got the award for best 3d-animation and the Prize of the Jury on the Infoscreen-Award-Gala in the Technical Museum Vienna, and it was presented in cinema on the "Wiener Filmtage" and the "Diagonale" festival in Graz.

In Fall 2003 we had to start one year of military and community service for our country. Dispite this took us nearly one year of our lifes, we startet up with making visuals and a shortfilm-project in Spring 2004.

The movie "3x4" (three times four) is about three scenes out of fictive feature movies. We invested a lot of time on creating a detailed script, storyboard and postproduction. Shooting this movie on special locations and improvising steady and dollycams with selfcreated equipment, was a totally new experience for us. It premiered and opened the "Wiener Video- und Filmtage"-Festival in October 2004.

The same month we started up with a new 3d-animated project: "KloGuy", which is about a used up loo roll. It's living in a messy toilet cabin and talks about drug abuse and other stuff young people should keep there fingers off.

After that both of us worked for some time in the industry. Johannes was working as 3d-artist for the game-outscourcing company "Rabcat Entertainment" and Conrad mastered miscellaneous animation jobs for the DMA-Project of the University of Art in Linz.

In autumn 2005 the team pibyte's members spread to different countries across europe. Johannes started stuying animation at the "Filmschool Zlìn" in Czech Republic and Conrad began his study at the german "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" in October 2005, when Clemens - long time pibyte friend and 3x4 colleague - started his abroad film education in Paris.

By the end of October Johannes finished his first project created during his study in czech republic. The 3d animatic "Sierra 61" is about two jetfighters ascending into the sky heading after their target. The dramatic 30 shot sequence was an exercise to practice cinematography and editing.

PiBytes' first stop motion animation project got finished shortly before Christmas 2005. "Ferdinand" is a two minutes long puppet animation exercise brought to reality in the ateliers of Filmschool Zlín.

In February 2006 Johannes started working on his latest 3d short "Road Cones". It is a heartbreaking story about a road cone family finding new friends when struggling for survival on a dangerous place called road.

Annoyed by the terrible street conditions in czech republic, Johannes made a cutout animation film called "Zlín Cutout". The two minutes shortfilm illustrates the potthole problem in the city he was studing. The film got finished in June 2006.

It was Johannes last film for Czech Republic, since he went to join Conrad at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Johannes put a photoseries of his year in czech republic into this sites gallery.


At the Filmakademie, both Conrad and Johannes got very busy with the making of new animation films.

Conrad created 'Das Paket', 'Kopfbahnhof' and his trailer for the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 'Plakatkleber', while Johannes created his award-winning experimental film 'A6/A9' and the short film 'Birdstrike' during his first two grades. After finishing his trailer for the ITFS 'Zoopraxiscope' he re-edited his 6 minute shortfilm 'Birdstrike' into a stereoscopic version for digital projection with 3d glasses.

Both Conrad and Johannes are currently working on their final thesis films which are going to be released presumably in Spring of 2010 and 2011.

Visit the "projects" sector if you like to get more details on our projects.


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