31 march 09
New short film released: "Zoopraxiscope"

Johannes finished his trailer for the 'Internatial Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart' (ITFS '09) at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The 50 second long 2d animated clip premiered in March 2009. There are stills of the trailer in the gallery.

05 april 08
New short film released: "Plakatkleber"

Conrad finished his trailer for the 'Internatial Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart' (ITFS '08) at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The one-minute long 3d animated clip premiered in April 2008. There are stills of the trailer in the gallery.

27 february 08
New short film released: "Birdstrike"

Johannes finished his 'Filmgestaltung 2' at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The six-minute long 3d animated short film premiered in February 2008. There are stills of the film in the gallery.

25 september 07
"A6 / A9" receives prize in Italy

Johannes' Filmgestaltung 1 short film 'A6/A9' was awarded with a 'Special Jury Mention' at the Art Film Festival in Asolo, Italy.

a6a9 10 june 07
New short film released: "A6 / A9"

Johannes finished his 'Filmgestaltung 1' at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The three-minute long 3d animated short film premiered in May 2007. There are stills of the film in the gallery.

kopfbahnhof 30 march 07
New short film released: "Kopfbahnhof"

Conrad finished his 'Filmgestaltung 2' at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The over 8-minute long 3d animated short film premiered in March 2007 and was already screened at the ITFS Festival and the Filmakademie Highlights. Check out some stillimages in our gallery.

01 augu 06
Bigger. Better. piByte!

Good news. Exactly one year after pronouncing the seperation, the team is about to reunite, since Johannes is going to join Conrad to study at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg by this years October.

Next to that, we successfully switched to a new provider and extended our homepage, which means that there is a bunch of new stuff to look at.

First of all, check out our latest projects: "Zlín Cutout" and "Road Cones". A 2d cutout animation which Johannes made as his final exercise in Czech Republic and our latest 3d animated shortfilm that we are currently working on. First stills of the trailer are available in the gallery.

The gallery itself got now new photoseries and most importantly: showcases, where you now can find individual artworks and animations.

If you feel like saying something, you can leave us a message in our newest section of the site: our forum.

28 july 06
Professor Brösl - New Download-Version 1.1

After recompressing sound and graphics and successfully reducing the filecount we were able to pack a new version of our classic 2d-point-n-click adventure "Professor Brösl".

Including the Patch for NT, XP and Windows 2000 the new download file got only 74 Mbytes which is far less then the original package we released back in 2002.

You can reach the download by clicking here.

30 june 06
New cutout animation: "Zlín Cutout"

For his last film in czech republic, Johannes made a 2d cutout animation using black and white photography. You can download the shortfilm or take a look at some stillimages in the gallery.

Ferdinand - puppet animation
22 dece 05
Stop Motion Animation: Ferdinand

Coming out now of the dark ateliers of Filmschool Zlín: Johannes' first puppet animation exercise: "Ferdinand". Stillimages, a documentation file and of course, an excerpt of the film for download here.

Sierra 61 - 3d storyboard 01 nove 05
Small Study-Project: Sierra 61

The first result created during our studies is online. Johannes brought two dramatic minutes of his storyboard "Sierra 61" to real by using 3d animation software. We have some stillimages of it in our gallery.

For more infos about the project click here.

01 augu 05
team separation

Team pibytes members will spread across europe. While Johannes is going to study at the "Filmschool Zlìn" in the Czech Republic, Conrad will study at the institute of animation at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" and Clemens will start his abroad study in Paris at this years September.

Eventough we are sad about the separation we are also very excited about our upcoming education. We are planning to build a network to stay in contact and exchange contacts.

The "team pibyte homepage" will continue to exist as representation and archive of what we have done and is going to be a plattform for projects there might be created in the future. But after all this is the end of the original crew configuration resulting from projects like "Professor Brösl", "Finitio" and "3x4".

01 may 05
Hey, it's may!

We just extended the "pibyte" story on the team informationpage. And because there are no further projectinformations to publish this time, we put some stillframes of Johannes' very beginning of animationfilm.

Click here to get there.

19 janu 05
Conrads Drawing-HP Update

We put three 2d animation sequences onto Conrads Homepage, which were made completly by hand. Click here to get there!

08 dece 04
Gallery Update

Responding to a high amount of requests, we finally put some wallpapers and posters into our gallery. Click here to take a look at it. And by the way: we add some new photos to the "Filmtage"-Gallery. Check them out.

KloGuy - 3d animated campaign
22 nove 04
Introducing "KloGuy"

In cooperation with CHAB Productions we created "KloGuy". It's about a used loo roll which is living in a messy toiletcabin and is talking about drug abuse. We put some stillimages in to the gallery.

17 okto 04
3x4 was in Cinema

Our latest shortfilm was presented as the opener on the "8. Wiener Video- und Filmtage" in the cinemagic-cinema. With about 300 people, the cinema was nearly overcrowded, as we reveived our second distinction there.

We got some photos of the event.

3x4 - shortfilm 27 augu 04
Shortfilm 3x4 finished!

Next to military and social work service, we started a shortfilm project called "Drei Mal Vier" (Three Times Four) in Spring 2004.

There are some stillimages in gallery and pictures of making this video and of course there is a trailer for download!

18 augu 04
Noem Nova Visual Project

We created a musicvideolike visual named "Time Soldiers" for the band "Noem Nova". Of course, you can watch it for free, here!

12 june 04
Conrads Drawing-HP

Conrad Tambour created his own little archive of his work. Containing cartoon and nude-drawings. Click here for Conrads Drawing-HP!

08 marc 04
Finitio @ Diagonale '04

Finitio was presented on the austrian filmfestival "Diagonale" on cinemascreens last weekend. Click here to look at some photos we shot.

26 janu 04
Big Update

We relaunched our gallery with a lot of new photos and screenshots. There is a new radio trailer on the site "Patrick der Hofnarr II" for download, and on "Rauchverbot"-Projectpage you can get an new episode of Helmut Nänä!

25 nove 03
Finitio wins two Infoscreen Awards

Our first 3d-animation short "Finitio" got the award for best 3d-animation and the prize of the jury yesterday on the Infoscreen-Award-Gala. A 20 second excerpt of Finitio will be running over the next weeks on all infoscreens in the subwaysystem of Vienna.

12 nove 03
Finitio @ Infoscreen Award

"Finitio" is nominated at the Vienna Infoscreen Animation Award in the "Mega-Animation"-category. Winners will get announced at the infoscreen-gala on 24th of November in the Technical Museum Vienna.

11 octo 03
Finitio movie online

"Finitio" is now available for download.

18 sept 03
Finitio MakingOf online

The "Making of Finitio" is now available for download.

15 sept 03
Finitio in Cinema

Our animation-short "Finitio" will be presented on the "Wiener Filmtage"-festival at cinemagic's on 9th of October, 7.00 pm.

18 july 03
"LaDegradiation" finished

We finished our work on our musicvideo-project "LaDegradiation", that we started in january 2003.

08 july 03
New piByte-page online

The new page is online. We left and moved to a bigger and faster server. We hope you like the new design.

02 june 03
Animated short "Finitio" finished

We finished our first 3d-animated-shortfilm project these days. Take a look at the project-page we created for our final examination.

05 sept 02
pibyte at games convention

We presented our projects four days long on the "Games Convention 2002" in Leipzig, Germany. We shared the "INDIGO-Stand", sponsered by with seven other teams of the german underground gamesdevelopment-scene. In our gallery we have some photos of the event.

12 june 02
"Professor Brösl" released

After month of searching for a host, our 2d-point-and-click-adventure "Professor Brösl" was released this morning on
Download it for free!

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