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"For our final examination we created a 3d-animated shortfilm named "Finitio". It is about a small wooden figure exploring a kind of afterlive he is confronted with after his death."

It took us 8 months of development for the five minutes of animation. Because one frame took about four minutes to render, we had to use up to 19 computers the same time!

Finitio got two awards at the "Infoscreen Animation Gala", and was presented in cinemas in Vienna and Graz.

More informations about the film you find on its own homepage.

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>> Official Finitio Homepage
>> stills in gallery


'Prize of the Jury' and 'Best animated shortfilm' Infoscreenaward, Austria
'Honorary Mention' Wiener Video und Filmtage 2003, Austria

Diagonale 2004, Austria