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"Two characters are trying to placard a poster to the wall - a job that sounds easier than it turns out to be."

This fully 3d animated short (1:03) was produced as a festival trailer for the 'International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart' (ITFS '08) at the 'Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg'. It was written, directed and animated by Conrad Tambour.

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Special Mention for Advertising - Anim'est 2008, Romania
Anima Mundi 2009, Brazil
Animanima 2008, Serbia
Animago 2008, Germany
CICDAF 2008, China
Cubanima 2010, Cuba
E-Magiciens Festival 2008, France
Red Stick Festival 2009, Louisiana USA
SottoDicioto Filmfestival 2008, Italy
Sinemagija 2008, Serbia
Tehran International Animation Festival 2009, Iran